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This will require manual download and installation of the required libraries and utilities. Please read the Resourcespace Documentation Wiki for manual installation instructions. Developers may prefer to use Subversion - see below for details.

ResourceSpace is available in BitNami

New for 2013: quick and easy automated installers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, virtual machines and cloud servers are available from BitNami.

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The latest development code can be downloaded from the Subversion repository by running the following command:

svn co

To use Subversion to download the latest release, use the above command with the additional '-r' parameter to specify the revision of the latest release. The revision number is the last part of the version number.

Please read the further instructions on the documentation wiki.

Before contributing to the project you will need to print, sign, scan and e-mail the Contributor License Agreement.

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With our Hosting & Support packages we take care of all technical aspects for you. You're free to simply log in and start using the software.

  • Hosted at Telecity, Europe's largest datacentre based in London's Docklands with unparalleled worldwide connectivity
  • Full redundancy using RAID mirroring and hot swap servers
  • Nightly remote off-site backup and disaster recovery to the ISO 27001 standard
  • Availability monitoring with recovery staff available 24/7
  • Technical support for the ResourceSpace application itself
  • ResourceSpace software upgrades as they become available
  • Setup fee includes assistance with configuring the software for your needs